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 IF friends were flowers.....

Hi, Gez here, and welcome to my first tutorial for Tando Creative.

I've had so much fun working with Tando's very versatile chipboard.

Here's a quick summary of the different steps I took towards my finished arch!

 Let's get started!

 First of all I painted with white Gesso 3 of the bottles from the Grab Bag of Bottles and Jars

 Next I took some spray ink and gave each bottle a couple of coats..

  I also, picked up the left-over ink blobs and dabbed the bottle with kitchen roll..

 Then, I ran a black pen around the edges of the bottles

 Each bottle was then given a coating of clear Ranger crackle paint..

 (The hard part.............. waiting for the paint to dry!!!)

 The other two bottles were given much the same treatment as the first bottle..

 Spray with ink, dab, coat with Crackle paint..

 While the bottles were drying I set about painting a layer of white Gesso onto some of the flowers from the lovely Mini set..

 .. more spraying with ink and mopping up ink blobs!
(my fingers were a lovely colour by now...)

While everything was drying I set about twisting some lengths of green wire around a thin crochet hook to make twirly stalks for the flowers and added gems to the flowers..

 The wires were attached to the backs of the flowers using Glossy Accents

I then stamped some minature bottle images onto tissue paper using a permanent ink
(pemanent so it doesn't run when brushed over with glue)

The images were cut out, a layer of glue was applied to the bottle
then the tissue paper image was placed in the wet glue,
followed by a top layer to seal the image..

 I also set about working on the background while everything was set aside to dry..

 Tando have a BRAND NEW arch just released! I knew it would work perfectly as a 'window back drop' for the bottles and flowers. You can find it HERE

First, of all I gave the arch a complete coating of glue, I used gel medium as it'strong and spreads over large areas pretty well..

 I chose some paper and glued it down firmly to the arch
and set about glueing the arch frames one by one to the back piece
again using gel medium..

 slowly my arch frame came together, I do love this shape so much!

 They glue dries clear, however, I did dab away any excess glue.. 

 The top edge of the frame was then dabbed gently all over to give a textured effect with gold paint

~ da-da! ~


 Time to assemble my little scene!

The bottle in the middle was glued straight onto the background, the right hand bottle was mounted onto 3D foam pads and the left hand bottle was stuck to the edge of the arch frame..

 close-up of the bottles & flowers..

                         Thank you for calling and taking the time to read through my tutorial,
                                       I hope you will have a play sometime! Gez oxox


  1. How come I missed this tutorial - it is great Gez and something I could follow to create this stunning piece of artwork.


  2. Fez that is Gorgeous! Thanx so much for the tutorial...



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